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A container is a large box used to carry and delivery goods by road, rail, sea or air. Containers have a standard design and size to fit in any kind of transportation. It's not necessary to empty its content to change from a ship to an airplane or any other means. There are several types of containers such as dry cargo type, reefer type, bulk cargo type, insulated type, ventilated container and others. About sizes, there are 20, 40 and 45 feet containers. No matter type, size or any other special requirement, HONG KONG JUN TAI can provide it along with its spare parts.

Our containers are used and reused for several years because they have been manufactured with special process and high quality material to carry heavy merchandise through harsh weather conditions. In addition, they are easy to load and unload to move from one vehicle to another one with its cargo inside, saving time and efforts.

HONG KONG JUN TAI container depot area has 10,000 m² including 200 machines and 380 m² for administrative offices. Our company has more than ten years experience in container designing and repairing. Our staff is composed by 300 technicians and 100 operators. Besides, our company has several senior repairing technicians giving us strong technical support in container design and manufacture.

HONG KONG JUN TAI has close cooperation with some companies to purchase raw materials, components or to share development and research about containers. This cooperation helps us to offer the best price to our customers around the world. Some of our reliable collaborators include TAL, Textainer, Triton, Gold, GE SeaCO, APL, CMA, NYK, Evergreen, PIL, Hanjin and Maersk among others.